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13+ New Vegan Treats We Want in Our Stockings this Christmas

Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animals!

Christmas is (basically) round the corner and let's be honest, we deserve some treats this year. Every year, the vegan range of festive foods gets bigger and bigger. It has now become routine for most of the big UK supermarkets to release a dedicated vegan Christmas range

become and did you know (in the US at least) you can splash out $60 on a vegan whole turkey?

So, with the days getting shorter and a smattering of christmas ads already on the TV, here's 13 of our favourite new vegan christmas treats to get you excited for Christmas 2020.

1. Tony's Chocolonely 51% Dark Chocolate with Candy Cane Pieces - £3.73

At 51% cocoa content, this absolutely ENORMOUS slab of chocolate from Tony's is an absolute essential for under the tree this year... or on the tree... make a few careful snaps and you have got yourself a perfect, hangable decoration! Good luck trying not to eat it.

2. Hadleigh Maid Chocolate Sloe Gin Truffle Whirls - £2.95

Remember the Walnut Whip? This is it, but vegan, and with added booze. You get two of them in a plastic-free box and honestly, they're divine.

3. Bournville Fingers - price TBC

Released this month, these can be found exclusively in Tesco. Some have said it's just Bournville coated biscuit, but it's really all about the nostalgia of chocolate fingers which is putting these high on many vegan Christmas lists this year!

4. Fabulous Free From Factory Mince Pie Fudge - £3.55

These new Mince Pie flavoured fudges are from the wonderful people that brought us dairy free chocolate coated raisins and other such wonderful things. Make yourself a quick hot chocolate and serve with one of these - divine. Oh, and they've also got a Spiced Orange flavour too!

5. Chocolate Brussel Sprout Vegan Truffles - £11.50 for a box of 8

Each one of these chocolatey sprouts is lovingly handmade by the amazing Vegan Chocolatier. If you haven't tried their products before, you are missing out. They are some of the finest fancy vegan chocolates out there.

6. Tony's Chocolonely 51% Dark Chocolate with Almond and Sea Salt - £1.48

They've made it twice onto the list, but for good reason. In a perfect stocking-filler sized bar, these beautiful bars balance two properly delicious flavours, and what's more, you'll struggle to find a more ethical bar this Christmas. Tony's are on a serious mission to Make Snacking Fair. The chocolate industry is sadly based on the underpayment of many farmers and in some cases, slavery is still rampant. Tony's credentials stand up to any level of scrutiny which is why they're a firm favourite of ours this year.

7. Mallow Tree Belgian Dark Choc Rice Balls (that's vegan Maltesers to you and me) - £2.19 when released

Isn't it great that we now have at least three varieties of vegan faux-Maltesers to choose from? These are some of the newest and make a perfect stocking filler this year. If you missed this year's conveyor belt of vegan Maltesers, check out these Maltybites, these Gnawbles and these Doisey and Dam Ballers (I've been reading this as Daisy and Dom for way too long. Also, be warned, these ones look pretty but come with very mixed reviews).

8. Moo Free Mini Moos Santa Bar - £0.75

These are definitely the Freddo of a vegan Christmas. A quality reliable snack to break into at 8am on Christmas Day with a cup of tea. Moo Free have rebranded this year and we love the look. Their new slogan, 'for dairy dodging christmas choccy chompers' is enough on its own to make us buy one. They've got a white choc snowman version too.

9. Vegan Horlicks - £3.49 in Asda stores

Staying on the malt theme, this is the new vegan horlicks, currently sold exclusively in Asda (they've just introduced a new vegan aisle and you'll find it there if they've got it).

10. The Ilchester Vegan Festive Cheese Selection - price tbc

From the people that brought us the legendarily melty Applewoods vegan cheese, you'll be able to find this in Sainsbury's this winter. It's even got a new Vegan Blue, with the veins of blue getting their colour from spirulina extract, which means it must be good for us right?

11. Mummy Meagz' Advent Calendars - £4.99

Mummy Meagz have been on point with their holiday snacks this year - check out their halloween faux-creme eggs if you missed them. They've got a massive new Christmas haul this year, and you can find it all, including these calendars, in Holland & Barrett in the run up to December.

12. Morrison's Gingerbread Doughnuts - £0.50 for 5 in Morrison's stores

Probably not one to put in your stocking, but definitely something to get you through your high-street shopping this year (global pandemic permitting - SO close to not mentioning this for a full 5 minutes of your life, sorry), Morrison's gingerbread goo-filled vegan doughnuts are back and as good as ever.

13. Ananda Foods Hot Chocolate Gift Box - £6.95

It says this is for gifting, but we've already bought ourselves one. Inside you get one hot chocolate sachet, one pack of Ananda's marshmallows, and one chocolate marshmallow lolly (for dunking presumably). If you're in need of extra marshmallows, you'll be pleased to hear that Aldi now do these epic vegan-friendly ones at a very affordable price.

Brought to you by Piece By Peace Vegans. We share exciting vegan news, but more importantly, we bring you the most exciting new vegan snacks and snack boxes at fabulous value! Click the picture to check out our boxes.

(P.S. Christmas Boxes are on the way!)

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