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17 Best Accidentally Vegan Sweets

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

One of life's greatest joys as a vegan is finding out that something is 'accidentally vegan'. This is any food that wasn't made specifically for the vegan market, but just so happens to not contain any meat, dairy or eggs.

There are thousands of accidentally vegan products in UK supermarkets and when you know what you're looking for, it's not too much trouble to spot them. Plus, there's more and more platforms dedicated to finding you the best of them. Check out @accidentallyveganuk on Instagram or Facebook for a regular feed of new and exciting finds.

Below you'll find our top 17 best accidentally vegan sweets. The reason most sweets aren't vegan is that they contain gelatine, but you might also need to watch out for sweets containing Carmine which is a red food colouring made from crushed beetles (yeah, yucky we know!). Most of these you can easily find in any major UK supermarket. Happy Snacking!

Note: Some of the products listed below contain palm oil, which some people believe is not vegan due to the habitat loss palm plantations cause. Read more about this here.

1. Maynards Bassetts Fizzy Fish

A cheap, cheerful and fully under-rated classic from Maynards.

2. Skittles

Not just the original pack pictured - all skittles products are included!

3. Starburst

Around since the 1960s, the 'sweet that makes your mouth water' is a vegan go-to.

4. Rowntree's Jelly Tots

We've been eating these since our childhood and didn't stop when we went vegan. If you've not tried them in a while, they might even be better than you remember as they've recently up-sized these gems which in our opinion gives a much better eating experience.

5. Rowntree's Tooty Frooties

These are so 2000s but they're still on the shelves and still as satisfyingly tasty as ever. Prepare for childhood party nostalgia.

6. Haribo Halal Gummies

Found in Tesco, these giant 1kg bear-shaped box of gummies is an exception to most of Haribo's products which are not vegan. Side Note: For a truly hilarious read, go check out these reviews of Haribo's (non-vegan) sugar-free bears. Trust us.

7. Parma Violets

Found in any good halloween treats bag, Parma Violets are a UK classic, first appearing on the shelves in 1946. They're a bit of a love-hate thing, but we personally are on the love side.

8. Sherbert Dip Dab

Lemon flavour sherbet dip with a strawberry flavour lolly. Just add saliva and you're good to go.

9. Candy Kittens

In 2020 Candy Kittens fully embraced the vegan life. Five of their six different flavours are now vegan-friendly. Watch out for the Eton Mess flavour which still has a beeswax coating and is not suitable for vegans. P.S. Don't forget to check the bottom of your next pack for a little surprise!

10. Haribo Rainbow Strips

One of the few others in the Haribo range that is vegan friendly. These sour suckers are delicious.

11. Refreshers Choos

Most often found in Morrisons, Choos are a rival of the also-vegan Starbursts. We'll leave it to you to decide which is best.

12. Tesco Mini Jellybeans (& others)

Vegan snack shopping on a budget? Head to Tesco's sweets isle and check out their own-brand sweets. Also among the vegan-friendly options are the Fizzy Multicolour Sweet Belts, Strawberry Flavour Lances, Fizzy Cola Lances and their Jelly Bean Sweets.

13. Millions

In UK corner shops and supermarkets everywhere, these chewy little sugar balls are very much vegan. Avoiding trips to the dentist cannot be guaranteed.

14. Rowntree's Fruit Pastilles (Watch Out!!)

We've included these on the list but please take care as the original fruit pastilles are not vegan. In September 2020 they announced that they will be releasing a new (and obviously marked) vegan version of this classic. Who's excited??

15. Fruitella Koalas

These are one of our favourites. Great texture and found in most UK supermarkets.

16. Marks And Spencer Colin The Caterpillar Sour Sweets

M&S own-brand colin caterpillar sweets are gelatine free. Double check as some packs have been reported to have beeswax listed as an ingredient. No news on veganising the colin the caterpillar cake yet, but we have seen some top homemade efforts!

17. Love Hearts

Last but not least, you can still share the love with Giant Love Hearts.

Check out the Peace By Piece website for a delicious range of all-vegan sweets, chocolates and snack boxes. We're less about the accidentally vegan and more about finding treats which have been especially made for your vegan snacking needs!