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29+ Awesome Vegan Substitutes You Might Not Have Known About

The days where transitioning to veganism meant giving up all the things you loved one by one are long gone. In 2020 there are very few products that don't have at least a few good vegan alternatives. We're going to go out on a limb here and say that you can now even get some damn good cheese substitutes that are at least as tasty as the real thing.

It's not just swapping out the meat, dairy and eggs that new vegans need to consider. Non-vegan products are a part of almost every aspect of our lives from clothing to healthcare to the tattoos you're inking yourself up with.

But vegan alternatives are popping up EVERYWHERE and the innovations are non stop! Imagine a world where you could buy mince made out of oats or fish and chips made out of banana plants. Well, that's the weird and wonderful world we now live in. Read on for a round up of some of our favourite substitutes.

Full Disclosure: Some of the snacks featured on this list are ones we sell in our shop. We have shamelessly linked them through so you can get your mitts on them.

1. Maltesers

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These are new kids to the block, released in September this year by long time vegan-friendly chocolate makers, Hadleigh Maid. They have officially cracked the vegan Maltesers code (and have had a good shot at veganising the classic walnut whip too)

2. Vending Machines

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Sort of like a rare Pokémon, vegan vending machines are still very elusive, but have been sighted on occasion. The one pictured can be found in Affleck's Palace, Manchester, but there are a few others that have popped up around the country in recent years. We can only dream of the day when this is the norm!

3. Mayonnaise

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Vegan mayo has been around for some time now. The first to hit the supermarket shelves was the Original Veganaise but Hellmann's spotted their opportunity and took the vegan world by storm with their own vegan variety (we still have a soft spot for Veganaise though).

4. Milky Way

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Veganised by the wonderful vegan chocolate company, Go Max Go, they have gone to extensive lengths to provide you with a worthy substitute for this fluffy classic.

5. Eggs

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How do you like your eggs in the morning? If the answer is 'from a bag of egg replacement powder inside an egg carton' then the VeganEgg is for you. We only say this to save you the disappointment we went through opening our first carton of these to find that they hadn't made an actual vegan egg in a shell :( The good news is, it works like an egg and tastes great!

6. Mince

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No, not oat milk. Oat mince. This is the new and awesomely bizarre Pulled Oats Mince. Try explaining that one to your grandpa.

7. Twix

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The nation's two-fingered favourite has been veganised into this luscious bar of caramel-filled chocolate. However, for the full Twix experience, you're going to have to buy two!

8. Honey

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We first tried Vegan Honea at a breakfast buffet in the wonderful, all vegan hotel, La Suite West in London. Both the packaging and the taste are impeccable! It's hard to describe how this differs from agave syrup, but it does and it is wonderful!

9. Foix Gras

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There comes a time in every vegan's life when they must ask the question: Do we really need a substitute for that? Foie Gras is the liver of duck or geese that have been force fed specifically to fatten their organs. Some would say this is possibly one best confined to the history books, but if nothing else it does go to show that there's really nothing that we can't and won't veganise!

10. Razors

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This was a new one for us too - who knew not all razors were vegan. This can come down to whether they test on animals, but many razors also use animal products such as lanolin (sheep's wool) in the moisturising strip. You are safe with most razors, but if you want to be extra safe, Estrid (pictured) is specifically marketed on its vegan credentials.

11. Double Cream

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If you've been dreaming of making a trifle without the hassle of leaving cans of coconut milk in the fridge overnight, you're in luck. Elmlea has created a veganised double cream that whips just like the dairy equivalent. Make sure you get the one clearly marked 'plant' as the dairy ones all say 'alternative' too!

12. Meringue

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Thanks to last year's season of the Great British Bake Off, featuring the first vegan week, the nation now has a vague understanding that vegans somehow use chickpea juice in their baking. It turns out if you whip the left over juice from a can of chickpeas and add sugar, you get meringue (or you can now buy a pre-made carton from Oggs). If anyone knows how this was first discovered, please do let us know!

13. Parmesan

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Italian night will be just how you remembered it with a range of vegan parmesans now on the menu. Our favourite is the Follow Your Heart brand, but there are some other great contenders.

14. Cheese

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Continuing with the cheese theme, we turn next to... cheese. If you've not heard 'but I could never give up cheese' from one of your friends or family, you probably haven't been vegan all that long. But times are changing and the vegan cheese industry is stepping up. The pictured vegan cheese is the wonderfully melty Applewood's. If you're ever in Amsterdam, check out Mr and Mrs Watson for what we think is the best vegan cheese board out there.

15. Crunchie

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From vegan retailer, Vegan Store, these own-brand faux-Crunchies are spot on and with the release of their mylk version (they used to be dark), they're more delicious than ever!

16. Creme Eggs

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Missing the post-creme egg sugar high headaches? Well never fear because the wonderful Mummy Meagz have perfected not only the vegan creme egg, but have also released a spooky halloween edition this year!

17. Condoms