Chocolate Box Minimalist

Chocolate Box Minimalist

One for the chocolate lovers. This box is bursting with a truely delicious range of some of our favourite vegan chocolate snacks. Crunchy, chewy, smooth and creamy - all the textures are there waiting for you!


Inside you'll find:

  • iChoc Choco Cookie Bar
  • Golden Crunch
  • Miiro Crispy Coated Chocolates with a Peanut Heart (or M&Ms for short!)
  • Vivani Crunchy Coconut Bar
  • Rizo
  • Moo Free Choccy Drops
  • Almond Nut Butter Truffle Bar


All of our boxes are 100% recyclable (or compostable) including the wood-straw filling. We are working with our product suppliers to encourage them to ditch the plastic too!



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