Throwback Box Minimalist

Throwback Box Minimalist

All of your favourite classic chocolate bars, but vegan! If you haven't tried these, they will blow you away. And if you have, we can understand why you're here at the checkout page again!


Inside you'll find:

  • Twilight (faux-Mars™)
  • 2fer (faux-Twix™)
  • Buccaneer (faux Milky Way™)
  • Cleo's (faux Reese's Peanut Butter Cups™)
  • Jokerz (faux Snickers™)
  • Golden Crunch (faux Crunchie™)
  • Rizo (faux Toffee Crisp™)
  • Mahalo (faux Bounty™)


All of our boxes are 100% recyclable (or compostable) including the wood-straw filling. We are working with our product suppliers to encourage them to ditch the plastic too!


Occasionally, we may make small variations to the snacks included to helps us reduce food waste.